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Top 5 Best Glue for Jewelry

Jewelry can be quite expensive, not to mention that it can hold lots of sentimental value too. Therefore, when it breaks, you want to repair it. This means that you need the best glue for jewelry. Even if you are just creating your own costume jewelry, you still need to have the right kind of glue. This is exactly what we are here to help you with today, to find the best glue for jewelry.

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best glue for jewelry

Best Overall
Aleene's 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive
  • Near instant drying
  • Mess free
  • Super easy to use
E6000 Jewelry And Bead Adhesive
  • No clamping needed
  • Very fast drying
  • Dries clear
G-S Hypo Cement
  • Fast drying
  • No need for clamping
  • Dries clear
CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive
  • Good all purpose use
  • No drip formular
  • Precision applicator
Aleene's Jewel-It Embellishing Glue
  • Great for fabric
  • Dries clear
  • Dries flexible

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Aleene's 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive

Aleene's 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive

When it comes to glue for jewelry, particularly glue for stone to metal, something that you will need if creating or repairing jewelry, the overall number one rated pick is Aleene’s 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive. There are many reasons why this is often considered the number one best option for jewelry making and jewelry repairs out there.

  • Clear drying
  • Permanent bond
  • Fast setting & curing
  • No mess

One of the key features of this instant adhesive is that it dries nearly instantly. This is the kind of glue that you can apply to a surface and it will dry and cure within seconds.It’s that fast. It works really well for jewelry creation and repair, because you can quickly bond multiple components together.

Another thing that stands out about this particular adhesive is that it dries clear, something that is of course very important for jewelry. You never want to be able to see the glue in your jewelry.

Next, this Aleene’s 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive is very strong too. It has a high tensile strength, it is extremely impact resistant, and it is waterproof too. Once this stuff is set and cured, it is near impossible to remove.

Moreover, the tip of the tube is very thin, and the formula itself is made to be drip-free. This helps make application very easy without causing a huge mess. Keep in mind that this particular adhesive can be used for all sorts of materials and components that you might use in jewelry making and repairs, things such as beads, metals, stones, gems, plastics, ceramics, and mirrors too.

Even better is that it works on both porous and semi-porous materials, although it may have trouble bonding with super smooth and very non-porous materials.

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Glue for Jewelry – Buying Guide

Glue for Jewelry

Before you go out and buy just any glue, there are some important things to know about buying the right kind of jewelry glue, gemstone glue, and glue for jewelry repairs. If you don’t pay attention to what we are about to say here, you may very well end up buying the wrong kind.

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Check out our list below for a summary of our results.

  1. Aleene's 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive
  2. E6000 Jewelry And Bead Adhesive
  3. G-S Hypo Cement
  4. CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive
  5. Aleene's Jewel-It Embellishing Glue

What is Glue for Jewelry

Glue for jewelry is not actually one single or specific type of glue, but in fact, can be many types of glue. What is important to note here is that jewelry making often involves metals, plastics, gems, beads, stones, mirrors, and other such things.

Most of these components are porous or semi-porous, with some being a little less porous. This means that you therefore need glue that can handle all sorts of porosity. That said, jewelry glue for pearls, jewelry glue for sterling silver, and for other jewelry related materials should have a fairly high bond strength, it should dry clear, and it should set very quickly.

Types of Glue for Jewelry

Glue Jewelry

The first important thing for you to know here is that there are various types of glue that can be used for repairing and making jewelry, 3 main types in fact.

Super Glue

The first type of glue that works really well for jewelry making and repairs is super glue. Super glue is of course what our main pick of the day is. Super glue is known as being an instant adhesive, something that sets, dries, and cures near instantly. It tends to have good impact resistance, it is usually waterproof, and it doesn’t require clamping either. Much of the time, it is also made to be mess-free. This super strength and fast bonding nature of super glue makes it a go to option. The only thing that super glue may have trouble with is bonding non-porous materials, such as certain types of plastic.

Two-part Epoxies

The next type of glue that works well for jewelry is the two part epoxy. Two part epoxies are generally harder to use than instant or super glues, as they need to be mixed before use. This type of glue takes much longer to set and dry, so it will require clamping, although this means that this type of glue is also stress free, as you have much more time to work with it. In general, two part epoxies can be used on a number of surfaces, and they usually form an extremely strong bond, and they can usually be used with porous and non-porous materials alike.

Craft glue

The other type of glue that works well for jewelry making and repairs is craft glue. Craft glue is generally non-toxic, it can be used for many different materials, such as plastics, woods, metals, fabrics, gems, beads, stones, and more. Craft glue is not always the strongest glue around, as it is not designed for applications that require tons of strength, but it does tend to be safe and easy to use.

How to Glue Stone

Gluing stones together is not very hard. Keep in mind that when making jewelry, you may need to glue stones together, you may need to glue stones to plastic, or you may need to glue stones to metal, beads, or gems too.

The most important thing to remember here is that stones are quite porous, which means that you need a type of glue that can easily bond with porous materials. In general, your best bet is a very strong and fast drying super glue. The benefit here is that you really don’t need any clamping, as super glue dries so fast.

Always remember to use glue that dries clear, because you definitely don’t want to see any sort of adhesive in your final result. Below we have included some videos that can guide you on how to glue stones the proper way.

Safety Tips

Glue to Jewelry

When using any sort of jewelry glue, especially fast drying super glue, there are a few safety tips that you need to keep in mind.

  • Always wear gloves when using something like super glue. It dries very fast, and yes, it easily bonds to skin.
  • Always work in a well ventilated area, as some adhesive can release noxious fumes that should not be inhaled.
  • Always close the lid tightly after use so that the glue does not dry inside of the packaging.
  • Always wear eye protection when using glue of any sort, especially when working with large quantities. If it gets in your eyes, it can cause serious damage.
  • Some super glues and other adhesives are toxic, so avoid ingesting them at all costs.

The Best Glue for Jewelry

Here we have various products for you to take a closer look at, 5 to be exact, and in their own way, they each qualify as the best glue for jewelry, so let’s take a closer look.

The top best product [hide]

Aleene's 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive

Aleene's 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive
If you need the best glue for earrings, bracelets, and everything in between, Aleene's 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive might just be the best option to go with. As you can tell from the name of the product, it is ideal for all sorts of jewelry and can be used to bond various materials including metals, stones, glass, and beads, so more or less everything needed in jewelry making and repairs.

Moreover, this is an instant glue, which means that it sets within seconds, and dries and cures totally within just a couple of minutes. This fast acting nature makes it ideal for jewelry making where you need to bond many small components together in a short period of time.

On that same note, it also does not require any sort of clamping. In terms of ease of use, the small applicator tube allows for precise application, and the drip-free formula prevents you from making a mess. It’s really easy to apply in small quantities, making it great for precision work, not to mention that it’s pretty darn strong too. Finally, Aleene's 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive dries permanent, and it dries clear too, also very important for jewelry making.
Near instant drying
Mess free
Super easy to use
Works well for all sorts of jewelry
Dries clear
Impact resistant
May leave a residue
Very strong odor

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E6000 Jewelry And Bead Adhesive

E6000 Jewelry And Bead Adhesive
If you need good jewelry glue, particularly for jewelry that should remain flexible, such as for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other such things, E6000 Jewelry And Bead Adhesive is a great option to keep in mind.

One of the best qualities of this glue is that it does dry with an extremely strong bond, it is waterproof, and it is highly resistant to impacts as well. Seeing as it dries flexible, it really is rather perfect for jewelry. E6000 Jewelry And Bead Adhesive is also extremely strong, as the bond is virtually permanent, and there are not many solvents that can undo it. Moreover, another big benefit here is that it dries clear, thus also making it ideal for jewelry.

Next, this glue sets and dries within about 20 seconds, which is about as fast as it gets. Sure, it means that you have to work really fast, but then again, it also means that you have the ability to work fast without the need for clamping.

Now, keep in mind that this is not the best option for stone, but it works well on plastics, gems, metals, plastics, wood, glass, and leather too.
No clamping needed
Very fast drying
Dries clear
Impact resistant
Remains flexible
Easy to apply
Requires you to work fast
Not the best for stones

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G-S Hypo Cement

G-S Hypo Cement
If you need really strong jewelry glue that is great for making long lasting repairs, as well as for creating long lasting jewelry and crafts, this G-S Hypo Cement has to be one of the best options out there. This stuff is extremely strong and resistant to pretty much everything. It’s waterproof, it’s resistant to solvents, UV light, extreme temperatures, and more.

This particular product features a super fine applicator tip, making it ideal for very fine precision work. It’s the kind of glue that you would use to attach beads, gems, stones, and other such things in precise locations. The formula is thick enough so that it does not run everywhere, yet another good thing for jewelry work.

On that same note, this G-S Hypo Cement also dries totally clear, which is yet another bonus for jewelry making. This particular glue is also designed to set and dry extremely quickly. Sure, it does mean that you need to work fast before it dries, but it also means that you can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.
Fast drying
No need for clamping
Dries clear
Ideal for stones, gems, and other such things
Mess free formula
Precision applicator tip
Extremely strong and resistant
Applicator tip may detach from the tube

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CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive

CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive
If you need a good multi-purpose adhesive for bonding a variety of materials, this CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive is a great way to go. It has the ability to bond plastic, metal, glass, fabrics, rubber, ceramics, wood, cloth, nylon, PVC, leather, and more. It should also be able to bond things like stones, gems, and beads without issue.

One of the most impressive things here is that CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive has an extreme amount of impact resistance. It is very flexible and when dry, has the ability to stretch out of 9 times its original length, thus making it some of the strongest adhesive that you could use. It’s also totally waterproof.

The formula here is designed to be drip and mess free, plus the precision applicator tip allows for very fine detail work that you could not do otherwise. People also like how this product features a very fine applicator tip for precision work.
Good all purpose use
No drip formular
Precision applicator
Superior impact resistance
Very strong smell
Tubes have been known to leak

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Aleene's Jewel-It Embellishing Glue

Aleene's Jewel-It Embellishing Glue
Here we have a very special type of glue, one designed to attach gems, rocks, stones, beads, and other such things to fabric. It works especially well on very porous materials. It can be used on many different materials, but they should be porous.

It works really well for attaching multiple materials to fabric, mainly because it dries totally clear so you can’t see it once dry. Aleene's Jewel-It Embellishing Glue also dries very flexible, so fabrics can still move freely. The only downside here is that this glue needs to cure for up to 10 days before it can be washed, but once cured, it can be machine washed, which is quite impressive.
Great for fabric
Dries clear
Dries flexible
Machine washable
Takes a long time to cure

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Glue for Jewelry FAQs

What glue will stick stones to metal?

There are various types of glue that you may use to stick stones to metal. This includes two component adhesives, craft glues, super glue, and various others.

Can you use super glue on jewelry?

Yes, in fact, when making or repairing jewelry, super glue is one of the best options, as it allows for precise application and very fast drying without the need for clamping.

Can you glue metal to granite?

Yes, you can glue metal to granite. For this task, a two component epoxy is the best type of glue to go with.

Does Super Glue Work on sterling silver?

Yes, absolutely can super glue be used to repair sterling silver. Just make sure that you get a quick and clear drying product.


There you have it folks, the 5 best glues to use for jewelry making and repairs. Yes, each one is a bit different, and each one is ideal for a slightly different purpose, so choose wisely! Moreover, always ensure that you follow all recommended safety procedures when working with high strength adhesives.

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