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Can you use hot glue on fabric? 6 Tips for Successfully Using Hot Glue on Fabric

Q: Can you use hot glue on fabric?

A: Yes, you can use hot glue on fabric. Hot glue is a great adhesive for projects where you need something to be both sturdy and flexible because it dries quickly and holds well under pressure.

Before you start gluing anything, there are some things that you should know about the process. In this blog post we will discuss 6 tips for successfully using hot glue on fabric.

You should also know that there is a difference between using hot glue on fabric and using permanent fabric adhesive. The main differences are time, temperature, and color. For most projects involving fabrics you will want to use an iron instead of the glue gun.

  • Use a low setting for most fabrics
  • Permanent Fabric Adhesive: Use a High Temperature Setting

Hot Glue Gun Tip # 1

To start out with you need to make sure your tip is clean from any extra dried globs or strings of glue. This can be done by pressing down on some scrap paper until it comes off easily onto the tip itself. If this does not work simply scrape along the side of whatever container your holding your hot glue in to get off any dried glue that may be stuck.

Warning: Do not touch the tip of your hot glue gun after you have just turned it on! The reason for this is because most tips are very, very hot and touching them will put a burn mark onto whatever the tip has come into contact with so always use caution when using one.

Tip # 2

When gluing fabric together make sure to pay attention to exactly where you want your lines or stitches placed before actually melting anything down. This can easily be done by holding up both pieces of fabric next to each other in order to get an idea of how they look best together then cutting out little holes at those exact spots which act as guides for where your glue should go.

Tip # 3

Also, make sure to use the appropriate sized tip for whatever fabric you are using! If it is more of a thin or see-through fabric then you need something with a thinner point in order to get into all parts of that project without ruining anything else around it. On the other hand if your working on heavier fabrics then you will want thicker tips so that they can support their weight while being glued down onto another object.

Tip # 4

As far as temperature goes always start out at low just in case there is some sort of reaction between your gluing process and what ever material your attaching things too because hot glue does have an adhesive property which may cause certain kinds of materials to melt faster than others when exposed directly to the glue gun.

Tip # 5

Lastly, make sure to get the color you want before melting anything down because once it is heated up there will be no way of changing what has already been done! This does not mean that you shouldn’t test out some gluing on scraps first though in order to get a feel for how things are going to look after everything takes shape.

Tip # 6

As far as which fabric materials can handle hot glue goes, most fabrics (both natural and synthetic) should act accordingly with whatever tip size your using so don’t necessarily have to worry about any complications involving melting or getting stuck together while being glued down onto another object!

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