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Top 5 Best Glue for Plastic to Metal

Glue for Plastic to Metal
One of the most common repair jobs is bonding plastic to metal. Starting from our homes to industries and workplaces, plastic to metal bonding for repair is essential. But depending on the instance at hand, the quality and bonding strength of the glue required can fluctuate greatly. In today’s article, we will give a rundown of the best glue for plastic to metal that we have tested. As usual, we will also provide you with a buying guide and FAQs section for general advice and tips. Let’s get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy

J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced EpoxyAs per our tests and user reviews, the J-B Weld 8276 is tops as the best professional-grade glue for plastic to metal bonding. The glue is jell-like in appearance and cures to a dark gray color once it dries. The adhesive comes in two tubes that need to be precisely mixed at a 1:1 ratio to be effective. Once the adhesive has been cured, the bonded area can be filed, sanded, machined, drilled or tapped.

  • Sets quickly, which will save you time in emergency repairs
  • Very strong bonding that leads to lasting repairs
  • Wide range of other applications not limited to plastic to metal bonding: wood, partex, glass, aluminum, commonly used metals and more.
  • Easy to use and apply evenly, which leaves very little room for error
  • Good temperature tolerance that allows the bonding strength to sustain – even in bad weather

But curing process takes time.

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Glue For Plastic to Metal – Buying Guide

Keep multi-material bonding in mind when making your purchase

One of the first things that you should keep in mind when buying glue for bonding hard materials is how widely applicable it is. Since the bonding strength, you are looking for needs to be strong enough to bond two hard materials, the glue should work effectively with multiple materials like wood, glass, metal, etc. The bond needs to be strong enough to handle drilling, filing and other extra stress – fresh off the bonding process. But sometimes, depending on your requirements, particular selections need to be made based on relative surface energy, elastic modulus and thermal expansion of the bonding materials. Plastics require different bonding agents based on HSE (High Surface Energy) or LSE (Low Surface Energy).

Common types of glues used for plastic to metal bonding

The most common types of glues available on the market for public purchase are tube-based glue and two-part epoxy putties. While both types are effective, the mixture based epoxy putties generally have more bonding strength than the tube based-glue, unless the former is industrial grade. Tube-based glue are best for small and intricate repairs, as the nozzle is generally small enough to reach small cracks and gaps. These types of glue are most popular for crafts and small-item repair, like miniature models. These types of glue are comparatively easy to get off your skin. The putty based adhesives for plastic to metal are more commonly used for large repairs and handymen work. The application process needs more care, but the bond is capable of withstanding rough weather and extreme temperatures. Compared to tube-based glue, putty-based glue are more sticky and difficult to get off skin or clothes. Base your purchase on what your actual needs are.

How to pre-prepare surface for bonding with professional-grade glue

With some putty based adhesives, preparing the mixture alone is not enough. You also need to prepare the surfaces that are going to be bonded so that the process is done properly and effectively. This basically boils down to cleaning the surface properly and sometimes varnishing and dusting as well. Cleaning the surface with sandpaper or steel wool is very effective and is done by professional handymen. But never the less, it is advisable to follow the instruction manual as closely as possible.

Best Glue for Plastic to Metal

Below is a rundown of the 5 best glue for plastic to metal bonding available online. The picks are based on our own tests and other user reviews online.

Permatex 84209 PermaPoxy 4 Minute Multi-Metal Epoxy

Permatex 84209 PermaPoxy 4 Minute Multi-Metal Epoxy

The Permatex 84209 is an extremely strong plastic to metal bonding adhesive that is professional grade. It has a quick-drying time of only four minutes, which is really awesome considering the bonding strength 4500 PSI. The Permatex 84209 epoxy is really good for repairing aluminum, copper, chrome, iron, brass, stainless steel and more. The adhesive comes in two mixture tubes that need to be mixed in the proper ratio to create the adhesive.
Ease of use allows for less work and repair downtime
Easy to apply with no clamping needed
Very useful for projects involving multiple metals
Excellent for filling in those deep, hard-to reach racks
The adhesive has a very pungent smell that might not suit everyone

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Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue 20-Gram Bottle

Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue 20-Gram Bottle

The Loctite Liquid superglue is one of the best plastic to metal glue out there if you’re not looking for industrial-grade bonding. Packaged in a 20gm bottle, the glue is fairly useful for a wide range of scenarios. The bonding strength of this variant of Loctite is stronger than its regular counterpart, so caution is advised when using to avoid spills on the skin.
The tried and true classic squeeze bottle ensures ease of use
The pin cap doesn’t clog, which removes the hassle of unclogging the mouth before every use
An excellent choice for quick repairs as it dries fast
Since it dries very quickly compared to regular superglue, errors need to be fixed quickly

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E-6000 Adhesive

E-6000 Adhesive

The E-6000 is an extra-strong, industrial grade adhesive that is popular among handymen and craftsmen. The extra-bonding strength is no joke as repairs last for years. The strength of the bonding is strong enough to withstand constant shocks and vibrations, making it an excellent choice for vehicle repairs.
Resistant to rough elements and paintable
The high-temperature resistance ensures excellent performance for years down the line
Bonds substrates very effectively
Safe to use in dryers and washers
Lengthy curing time

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Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive

Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive
Aleene’s has always been a dependable brand for intricate repairs, and Aleen’s Jewelry and Metal Instant adhesive is no different. Perfect for minute repairs, this glue is much preferred by jewelers when repairing or finishing a piece.
The bonding strength of the adhesive is permanent
Allows for quick and clean jewelry repairs
The applicator trip is small, allowing you to squeeze the exact amount
Not effective for heavy-duty bonding

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Technicqll Very Strong Epoxy Adhesive Glue

Technicqll Very Strong Epoxy Adhesive Glue
Technicqll Epoxy adhesive glue is another industry-grade glue for plastic to metal that is known for its quick curing time. The adhesive comes in mixtures contained in two different tubes that need to be mixed to create the adhesive.
Super-strong bonding strength
Works well with different types of materials
Quick-drying and the fast-curing
Oil- and acid-resistant
The surfaces of the repairs need extra pre-preparation

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What are metal glues and how many types are there?

Metal glue are special glue with extra strength made for bonding hard materials. In the glue industry, adhesives are categorized under 3 major categories: epoxy adhesives, polyurethanes, and superglues. Out of these three, superglue are the most commonly used by the general public.

What is a control applicator?

A control applicator might sound sophisticated but is actually a very simple gadget. A control applicator is used with tube-based glue and allows for extra precision and control when squeezing the tube.

How to avoid skin spills?

When using superglue for repairs, no matter what size, it is highly advisable to use gloves. You don’t need to buy heavy-duty gloves for easy applications like crafts and jewelry repair. Simple, disposable, plastic gloves are more than enough to avoid skin spills.


So there you go – our picks for the best glue for plastic to metal available online. If you opened this article hoping for some good tips and recommendations, we hope the content and reviews were helpful to you. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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