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Hot Glue vs Super Glue

Hot Glue vs Super Glue

If you were planning to do a bunch of arts and crafts and other such projects, then something you are most likely going to need is glue. That said, there are of course many different kinds of glue out there. The type of glue you use is going to determine how good your final project Ends up being.

Two of the most common glue choices for arts and crafts include hot glue and super glue. Both are great choices to go with, but of course they are completely different. So, If you have to choose between super glue and hot glue, which of the two are you going to go with? Let’s get to it and figure it out right now.

Gorilla Hot Glue Loctite Super Glue

Hot glue is generally only used for arts and crafts

Hot glue can be used for porous and nonporous materials

The bond strength formed by hot glue is not very strong

Hot glue remains somewhat flexible when dry

Hot glue is ideal for gap filling

Hot glue is quite easy to clean up

Not ideal for outdoor use

Super glue can be used for arts and crafts, small projects, repairs, and more

Super glue is best used with porous materials

The bond strength formed by super glue is very strong

Super glue is inflexible and somewhat brittle

Super glue is not ideal for gap filling

Cleanup is not easy

Can be used indoors and outdoors

Hot Glue Review

Gorilla Hot Glue

When it comes to arts and crafts, perhaps the most common type of glue that is used is hot glue. Hot glue is also known as hot melt adhesive. Hot glue is a form of thermoplastic adhesive that uses heat to melt a stick of glue, which then solidifies within a few seconds to a few minutes after being dispensed.

That’s good and comes in the form of a solid cylindrical stick which passes through a heating mechanism inside of a glue gun. When the glue is heated, it becomes liquid and can be dispensed. Once the glue starts to cool down it then also dries.

Hot glue is usually made out of a compound known as ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA for short. In benefits and hot glue is the fact that it is very viscous and therefore can bond uneven surfaces together. As well, hot glue is ideal for porous and non porous surfaces and it is fantastic at filling gaps too.

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Super Glue Review

Loctite Super Glue

Super Glue is the colloquial term often used for a type of glue known as cyanoacrylate glue. What are the most popular brands of Super Glue which you might be familiar with is Crazy Glue. If you are looking for glue that bonds and cures nearly instantly and required minimal to no clamping time, then super glue is a great way to go.

Moreover, super glue forms are very strong and permanent bond is usually waterproof or even totally water resistant.

Super Glue is quite versatile in terms of the material that it can bond, although with that said it does not perform well with extremely nonporous materials that he’s like plastics. Super glues do not perform well with plastic.

Moreover, another small issue which super Glue seems to have is that it does not perform very well with impact.

Although super glue does form a very strong bond, the fact of the matter is that it is not very impact resistant, and in this sense it is quite brittle. With all of that said, Super Glue is generally quite easy to work with, and it comes in bottles that are very easy to dispense without making much of a mess.

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Comparing Hot Glue vs Super Glue

Now that we have figured out what exactly hot glue and super glue both are, it is time to compare them both on its side-by-side basis.

What we want to do now is to compare super glue and hot glue based on various factors including their applications, the materials that they can bond, how strong they end up being, how easy they are to clean up, and on a few other Comparison points as well.


Gluing gorilla hot glue

In terms of hardware, what needs to be said that the applications of it are definitely fairly limited.

Hot glue is most often used for arts and crafts and other small projects of the sword. If you need a type of glue to glue beads to fabric the glue fabric to Cardboard to glue construction paper together or for any other such purposes, hot glue is the way to go.

The fact of the matter is that hot glue is extremely versatile in this sense, as it had the ability to bond virtually any and all materials together.

As most people say hot glues, greatest strength is its versatility. With all that said? Keep in mind that the bond created by super Glue is not all that strong or impact resistant.

Super glue, on the other hand, is quite a bit different. Now super glue can of course also be used for arts and crafts, but keep in mind that it doesn’t remain very flexible once dried, so it might not be the best choice.

Super glue does have the ability to bond all materials except for plastic switching that it does have many applications. Super glue is ideal for arts and crafts, but also for various repairs in small projects. For instance, if you need to repair the handle on your coffee pot, super glue is what you would use.


Super Glue

In terms of which materials these glues can bond, the more versatile option is hot glue. The reason why hockey is a more versatile and do is because it has the ability to bond about ports and non porous materials equally. You can bond virtually any and all materials without problems When using hot glue.

Super glue, on the other hand, although it is also very versatile, it does absence problems, bonding, non porous plastics together.

Super Glue does best when it has a porous surface that I can really stick to it, which means that it works well for various materials like Cardboard, paper, fabrics, some plastics, some metals, rubber, and other such things.

That said, if material is extremely flat and smooth, then there is nothing for the Super glue to stick to and they can have problems bonding these things.


Gorilla hot gluing

Well, there’s no denying the fact that hot glue is very versatile and convenient, particularly for things like arts and crafts. You do have to account for the fact that it just is not all that strong. The bond strength which hot creates is pretty limited, which is why it is often used only for arts and crafts.

Sure, if it’s strong enough to hold up a bit of weight, but in terms of overall weight bearing abilities, it’s not very strong. A little bit of hot glue is not going to be able to hold up more than a couple pounds of weight. Do you keep in mind that while hot glue is water resistant, it is not 100% waterproof?

Super glue, on the other hand, is much stronger than super glue. As the name implies, does have super strength. Not only did super glue dry very quickly and clear, but it also forms a very tight bond. This stuff is strong, and it can hold up a whole lot of weight. This is why super glue is often used to make repairs Because once the Super glue is cured, those repairs should stay in one piece.

Moreover, super glue is also 100% waterproof, which means that it can be used for outdoor applications as well. The only downside with super glue is the fact that it is not overly impact resistant. Super Glue doesn’t handle motions and vibrations very well as it doesn’t end up being very flexible, which can of course be a problem with some cases.


Loctite super gluing

In terms of the ease of cleanup, quite honestly, both of these types of glue can make quite the mess. Now in terms of super glue, the fact is that this stuff can stick to your hands. Super glue dries very fast. It is usually resistant to most if not all solvents and it’s not something that you just wash away either. If super glue dries on your hands, you more or less have to rip it off or wait for weeks until it wears away.

Hot glue, on the other hand, is much easier to clean up, and the reason for this is because its bond strength is not as strong. Although getting hot glue on your hand that is going to be a bit painful, it will dry quickly and Moreover you can just pull it off and it shouldn’t pull your skin off along with it.

It’s just not that strong. Also, super glue does take a bit of time to dry, and while it is drying, you can actually just pull it off any big globs. So when it comes down to it off, hot glue is the much easier upper to clean up.

Health Warnings

When it comes to helping mornings, one thing you do of course need to keep in mind with hot glue is the fact that it’s very hot. If you get a fresh glob of hot glue on your hands, it is going to burn and it is going to hurt.

Moreover, while hot glue is being heated up, the fumes can be a bit dangerous. Although not toxic, the fumes can cause quite the headache. Now one hot glue is dry. It is functionally non toxic, which means that you could Technically ingest it without worry.

Super glue, on the other hand, is not nearly as safe as hot glue. Super Glue, the main component, cyanoacrylate, toxic to ingest and can cause adverse health effects. Moreover, as super glue dries, it actually also heats up and can be very painful. There’s also the fact that once this stuff is dry on your skin, you more or less have to rip it off, which is not going to be fun.


What are the main differences between hot glue and super glue that you need to know about before purchasing either one?

  • First off, the way in which they are used is very different. Hot glue require the hot glue gun to dispense the glue, Where super glue can dispense right out of the tube.
  • Super Bowl usually only takes a few seconds to drive to cure, whereas hot glue can take a few minutes. That said, both cure relatively quickly.
  • One of the biggest differences between the two is the fact that Hot glue is ideal for both porous and non porous materials, whereas super glue is really only ideal for porous materials.
  • On the other hand, super glue forms a much stronger bond and is more impact resistant than hot glue. Not to mention that it is also much more able to bear weight. Even better is the fact that super glue is also 100% waterproof, which hot glue is not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is stronger, hot or super glue?

Super glue is definitely the stronger of the two.

Is hot glue resistant to temperatures?

No, hot glue is not reistant to extreme temperatures, which is why its applications are fairly limited.

What does hot glue not stick to?

Hot glue will not stick to very oily surfaces.


There you have it folks, everything you need to know about hot glue and super glue. Choose wisely, because which of these types of glue you choose will affect the end result.

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