How do you make Slime without Glue? – 6 Fastest Ways


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To make perfect slime we need is 3 ingredients that are Suave Kids Shampoo, Shaving cream, and Salt. use these ingredients and the slime is ready. 

how do you make slime without glue

6 Fastest Ways To Make Slime Without Using Glue 

Homemade slime is a simple, cheap craft that will occupy younger hands. This creation can keep kids occupied for hours if you’re a busy mother, granny, and perhaps other caretaker wishing for a fun do-it-yourself project.

According to Parents, the recent slime craze even made glue difficult to acquire in stores at one point. The primary component of slime is glue, which also contributes to its distinct firmness and stretchiness. 

Sara Schiller, the co-founder of the recently unveiled Solomon Institute, tells Bustle that it is undoubtedly the greatest ingredient to use.

According to Karen Rabinowitz, co-founder of Solomon, without essential components, your slime “won’t have the same elastic, playable features that you would use glue.”

Making slime without glue is possible using alternative ingredients. Here are six of the fastest ways to make slime without glue:

  1. Cornstarch Slime:
    • Mix cornstarch and water in a bowl until you achieve a gooey consistency. Adjust the amounts as needed to get the desired texture.
  2. Shampoo and Toothpaste Slime:
    • Combine equal parts of shampoo and toothpaste in a bowl. Mix them thoroughly until the slime forms. Add more shampoo or toothpaste if necessary.
  3. Fiber Powder Slime:
    • In a container, mix equal parts of fiber powder and water. Stir well until the slime comes together. Adjust the quantities as needed.
  4. Liquid Starch Slime:
    • Pour a small amount of liquid starch into a bowl. Slowly add water and mix until you reach the desired slime consistency. Be sure to add the water gradually.
  5. Soap Slime:
    • Take a bar of soap and grate it into small pieces. Place the soap shavings in a microwave-safe bowl and heat it in short intervals, stirring in between, until the soap melts and becomes gooey. Let it cool before playing with it.
  6. Body Wash and Salt Slime:
    • Combine body wash and salt in a bowl, mixing them thoroughly. Keep adding salt until the slime forms and reaches the desired consistency.

Remember to experiment and adjust the ingredient quantities to achieve the texture you prefer. Additionally, feel free to add food coloring, glitter, or other desired additives to customize your slime.

Other Affordable Methods

1. How To Make Slime Without Glue

How To Make Slime Without Glue


  1. A sizable cup of boiling water 
  2. Dietary colouring
  3. Two cups of bowls of corn-starch


This is one of the simplest methods for creating slime. Mix the food colouring with the heated but not boiling water.

Start by applying a small amount or a little scoop of colour, then continue adding more once you attain the tint you like.

Secondly, add the liquid gradually to the 2 glasses of corn-starch in a new bowl. Add some water if the final slime becomes too stiff.

You can add additional starch if it’s too thick. If the slime doesn’t adhere to your hands, it’s ready.

2. Making Slime Without Glue And Borax

Making Slime Without Glue And Borax


  1. Suave Kids 3-in-1 Shampoo 
  2. Shaving cream
  3. Salt


Put 2 tablespoons of your preferred shampoo in a dish (you can always add more shampoo later). In a dish, put shampoo. Shaving cream (foam) 2 Tbsp should be mixed with shampoo.

Shave cream should be added to the bowl. After carefully combining everything, add 1 tsp of salt. the basin with salt. The mixture should be frozen for around 15 minutes.

Shaving cream, salt, and shampoo should be combined for 15 minutes in the freezer. Play after removing from the freezer!

Simply put your slime back into the freezer for a few minutes if it starts to become runny to keep the fun continuing.

3. Making Slime Without Glue And Activator

Making Slime Without Glue And Activator


  1. Shampoo
  2. Corn-starch
  3. Food colour


In a dish, combine 1/4 cup corn-starch and 1/2 cup shampoo. Mix thoroughly. 3 drops of food colouring are added (optional). Stir in 1 tablespoon of water.

Continue adding water in 5 tablespoonfuls at a time, stirring well between additions. For about five minutes, knead the slime.

4. Making Slime Without Glue And Corn-Starch

Making Slime Without Glue And Corn-starch


  1. 1 Bottle of glue, 6 fl oz.
  2. Baking soda, half a teaspoonful
  3. A contact solution of 1 1/2 tablespoons


Put all of the glue from the bottle into a small mixing bowl. Stir the baking soda into the bowl of glue after adding it. Mix thoroughly after adding the contact solution to the bowl.

When the slime starts to set up, you may knead it with your hands to thoroughly include all the components.

If it is too sticky, spritz a little extra contact solution on it. Knead the dough again, adding contact solution as necessary. Use sparingly; a little solution goes a long way.

5. Making Slime Without Glue And Shaving Cream

Making Slime Without Glue And Shaving Cream


  1. 1⁄2 Cup of shampoo (again thicker is best)
  2. 1 tsp. Sugar


Fill the dish with shampoo. Combine everything after adding the teaspoon of sugar. The mixture will rapidly become more viscous.

If additional sugar is necessary, add it until the mixture is slimy. For two to three hours, freeze the bowl. Although it will thicken, the slime won’t freeze. Play with your homemade slime by removing it.

6. Making Slime Without Glue Fast

Making Slime Without Glue Fast


  1. Baking soda, half a teaspoon
  2. 1/4 cup of water
  3.  2 to 3 cups Shaving Cream
  4. Contact lens solution, 1.5 Tablespoons


Fill a dish with your white glue. Water and bicarbonate of soda should be added before mixing. Mix with the shaving cream. When you’re happy with both colours, keep adding food coloring.

Add your contact solution gradually now. Our preferred method is to add 1 tablespoon, pound for five min, and afterward add the remaining 1/2 tbsp after some time.

When you’re kneading the slime, it will become extremely sticky, and that would be good.



What is the lifespan of slime?

Slime may be kept for later use and can be worked with for several hours at a time. The slime should indeed be kept in the fridge in an air – tight container.
Whenever you pull your slime out again, if it is too stiff, knead it with some wine or hand wipes to help it loosen. Knead it with some baking soda or little sodium chloride if it’s too sticky.

How to make slime with Borax?

Add 1/2 cup of water to 1 teaspoon of borax. 1/2 cup white Elmer’s glue and 1/2 cup water should be combined. Combine the answers. As the slime thickens into putty, combine the glue solution with the Borax solution.


Who doesn’t enjoy slime? Most individuals are drawn to it because it’s occurs when the level, and manufacturing slime is also a bit of an experiment!

Nevertheless, another of the frequent constituents, potash, can cause skin irritation, and also another, glue, can be unsightly.

Slime can be purchased inside the toy department of many supermarkets, but it’s also very simple to make at home.

Whenever you manufacture your own slime, you may change the formula to make it a different colour, thicknesses, and embellishments.

Constructing it is simple and straightforward and it provides children with several hours of amusement and intellectual development.

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