Alien Tape Vs. Gorilla Tape – Detailed Comparison


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Are you looking for the best mounting tape in the market?  Then, look for the amazing tape features and compare Alien Tape vs. Gorilla Tape.

Alien and Gorilla tapes are the best mounting tapes in the market.  Both tapes are available with their features in different applications.  It depends on the surface where you are interested in using the tape. 

Alien tape is more appropriate for smooth surfaces, while Gorilla double-sided mounting tape suits rough and uneven surfaces.  It would be best to learn the comparison of Alien Tape vs. Gorilla Tape.

Alien Tape Vs. Gorilla Tape

Other doubles Sided tapes are available in the market, but which is the strongest and more effective depends on various features of the glue.  There are other extreme conditions where the versatility of the adhesive is checked for multiple substances.  Among them, the more appropriate is to use the one that suits effectively with your surface.

The article here gives a comparison of Alien Tape vs. Gorilla Tape.  Here you can learn which tape is stronger than Gorilla tape and compare both.  Let’s have a detailed look at the tape’s features.

Overview of Alien Tape.

The Alien tape is a stronger double tape with nanotechnology.  The gel has nanotechnology that mostly adheres with different surfaces of smooth foam. 

Alien Tape

The tape is easy to reuse and can easily be removed from the surfaces without leaving any residue on the surface.  The tape is best for use multiple times, and there are different features linked with such highly versatile tape. 

Features of Alien Tape

It’s the best adhesive tape marked as versatile and traditional. There are some of the features included for such alien tape:

  • Strong Adhesion:

The glue has a strong adhesive feature and is strong enough to hold on different surfaces, including floors and ceilings.  The glue can hold the pictures and other items without needing nails.

  • Reusable

Glue is easy to use on different surfaces, and you can use it again on other surfaces.  The adhesive is used to hang the pictures and is reused multiple times without damaging the surfaces.

  • Waterproof

The glue is waterproof.  It is best to use under wet conditions.  If you have ever thought about what is the strongest adhesive tape on the market.  It’s designed to withstand exposure to water and moisture and is used more appropriately where humidity and moisture are present.

  • Easy to cut and shape

The glue has amazing features.  It can give the easy cut in size and shape to fit any surface while making it more versatile on various projects. 

Overview of Gorilla Tape

Gorilla double-sided tape is the best and strong mounting tape in the market.  The tape is durable and strong enough to use on different surfaces.  It has various amazing features.  You can use it at any instant, holding up to 24 pounds.  It’s an ideal choice for mounting heavy items. 

You can mount the glue for about 60 seconds on the surface, and the result will be strong enough to hold with the surfaces.  You can use the glue on any indoor and outdoor surface with its strong adhesive. 

Gorilla Tape

Let’s have a look over the different features.

Features of Gorilla Tape

  • Adhesive Material

The gorilla tape is adhesive and strong enough for various surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastic.

  • Water Resistance

The water-resistant properties are high, and it is best for indoor and outdoor applications.  The glue has no effect with the temperature changes.

  • Durable 

Gorilla tape is best for its double-thick features.  It’s two times thicker than standard tape.  The tape gives amazing features with an extra layer of strength and durability.

  • Easy and Quick 

The gorilla tape is still an easy and quick way to use.  There are different applications, including sealing and patching, where gorilla tape is easy to apply.


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Alien Tape Vs. Gorilla Tape Comparison

Alien TapeGorilla Tape
Suitable for lightweight applications.Suitable for heavy-duty applications.
Temporary mounting solution.Permanent mounting solution.
Easy to remove and reposition.Less reusable and not easy to remove.
Better to use it as water-resistant glue.Better under wet conditions.
Alien tape is thin and lightweight.Gorilla tape is thick and heavy.

FAQS of Alien Tape Vs. Gorilla Tape

What double-sided tape is the strongest?

The ultra-high bonding fee is normally the best and strongest tape for all surfaces.  There are different types of tapes, including Alien tape and Gorilla tape.

Does alien tape work as advertised?

The tape can easily pull off the surface without leaving any residue.  The complete setup is best with lightweight goods.

Is gorilla tape more water-resistant tape?

There are different types, including gorilla tape and alien tape.  Both have water-resistant properties, but the best one is the Gorilla tape for its more water-resistant properties.

What tape is stronger than Gorilla Tape?

The strongest tape in the market is 3 M VHB.  The tape is one of the best double-sided tapes on the market.  The tape is better to use under extreme conditions and has more features like durability. 

What is the strongest adhesive tape in the world? 

Different types are best for projects and require intense strength and durability.  The best ones among the strongest adhesive tapes are Brute force and T-Rex.


Strong bonding tapes are effective and convenient solutions for different applications.  The features make them stronger, more durable, and more reliable for other surfaces, and they work best under different weather conditions. 

Considering Alien Tape vs. Gorilla Tape, both tapes are water resistant and ideal to use under harsh conditions.  However, the other features make a difference in their effectiveness. 

Overall strong bonding tapes are valuable for bonding different surfaces quickly and for a reliable solution for various industrial, commercial, and personal applications.

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