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Mod Podge vs Elmer’s Glue

Mod Podge vs Elmer’s Glue comparison

If you’re doing various arts and crafts and other related projects, then something that you are most likely always going to need is some good craft glue. Now there are of course many adhesives, epoxies, and super glues out there, but the fact of the matter is that for the most part of these are just way too much for basic crafts.

When it comes down to it, two of the best glues for this type of thing include Mod Podge and Elmer’s glue. That said, they aren’t really the same thing at all, and they’re used for fairly different purposes, although there is a bit of overlap. Either way, let’s figure out which of these two is best for you.

Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer Elmers Liquid School Glue
Mod Podge CS11302 Waterbase Sealer Elmers Liquid School Glue

This glue is ideal for arts and crafts projects, for bonding various porous materials, as a finished, and a water-based sealant

This glue is designed to bond paper, thin wood, construction paper, fabric, felt, and to be used to seal puzzles and other such crafts

Extremely low bond strength

This particular glue gets quite hard once it is dry, which is why it works so well as a sealant

This glue has very minimal water resistance

Very easy to clean

No safety concerns

This glue is ideal for the bonding of various porous materials, just for arts and crafts

This glue is designed to bond paper, thin wood, construction paper, fabric, and felt

Extremely low bond strength

If thick layers are used, then this glue will not be very flexible. However, if only a thin layer is applied, Elmer’s glue can remain quite flexible

In no way is Elmer’s glue resistant to water

Very easy to clean

No safety concerns

Mod Podge Review

mod podge glue review

This is a special type of artistic glue, one that is known as being a three in one water-based sealer, glue and finish, and is therefore extremely versatile in terms of what it can be used for. This glue is always used for arts and crafts as it doesn’t really have all that much weight bearing capabilities or anything like that.

The really cool thing about this glue is that it can use for many different purposes, not just for gluing paper to paper, but also for things like sealing puzzles.

It’s certainly not a construction glue that came to use for anything serious. However, this is a great option to go with for artistic projects. It’s a completely water based and nontoxic glue that kids can eat. Comes up without feeling sick.

Moreover, this glue is very easy to clean up with soap and water as long as it’s still wet and even when drive is glue washes out of clothes in a good washing machine. Keep in mind that the main ingredients in this glue are water and polyvinyl acetate, a common ingredient in most other white glues.

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Elmer’s Glue Review

elmers glue review

Elmer’s Glue is another type of white glue out there, and one that is made mostly out of water and other ingredients such as Polyvinyl acetate, Polyvinyl alcohol, and Propylene glycol. This is the most basic and common type of white glue out there. The one that you will find in every single school throughout North America.

The reason why this glue is so ideal for kids, for one is because it is completely non toxic so kids can ingest it without getting sick or being poisoned. Moreover, Elmer’s Glue is also very easy to remove, even once dry, and you can more or less just peel it right off of any surface. Also, while Elmer’s Glue is still away, you can wash it away with just water and nothing else.

Elmer’s glue can be used for a variety of purposes, but generally always are related as it’s generally best for bonding things like paper construction, paper, thin wood, and thin fabrics. Keep in mind I’m just like the other group we’re looking at today. This is meant more or less just for artistic purposes. This is not any kind of serious construction or repair glue that can bear weight.

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Comparing Mod Podge vs Elmer’s Glue

Comparing Mod Podge vs Elmer’s Glue

Now that we know exactly what both of these types of glue are, it’s time for us to compare them on its side-by-side basis. Right now, we’re going to compare both of these groups based on what their applications are, what materials they can bond, how strong they are, how easy they are to clean up, and more. Let’s take a look.


The first thing to consider here is what applications these products are best suited for. Mod Podge is a very versatile product that can be used for a wide variety of applications. one of the reasons for this is because while it goes on white it does dry clear. Moreover, the viscosity of this glue is quite thin, so it is a bit running.

In terms of applications, Mod Podge is best used as an arts and crafts glue for the bonding of papers, various fabrics, and for materials such as construction paper.

Do keep in mind that this product is also ideal to use as a finish to create a bit of a glossy finish on an art project as well. It can also be used as a water-based sealer for puzzles and other such projects that need to be kept in good condition. However, do keep in mind that this product does not have much of a weight bearing capacity, and it is not 100% waterproof either.

On the other hand, we have Elmer’s glue, which is also a strictly arts and crafts glue, just like the other product we were looking at. Elmer’s glue does not have any weight bearing capabilities. It’s not 100% waterproof, and it’s not going to last for all that long either.

This glue is best used to bond porous materials together, such as paper, fabrics, thin pieces of wood, and construction paper. With that being said, this glue does not dry clear and therefore it is not ideal for use as any kind of sealer or finish, because you can still see it. When it comes down to it, this product is designed only for the most basic of arts and crafts projects.


Something else that is important to note here is that both of these glues are designed to bond more and less the exact same materials. Both of these glues are technically white glues and they are best used for bonding materials such as paper construction, paper, thin pieces of wood and fabrics.

Keep in mind that neither of these glues is ideal for non porous materials and will not bond plastic, metals or other such non porous materials. All of that said, Mod Podge is just a little bit more versatile in this sense, because it is able to be used as a sealer because it dries clear. However, in terms of bonding, they’re both about the same.


In terms of bonding strength, what we need to say here is that neither of these are very strong at all. As we have said multiple Times Now, they are not designed to bear weight and they also don’t resist water very well at all.

They are only designed for the most basic of arts and crafts for things like holding together like pieces of paper and construction paper. In no way are either of these glues designed for any sort of serious or heavy duty projects, repairs, or construction activities.

This glue is just strong enough to hold together some very light pieces of paper and fabrics, but nothing more. There is a reason why these glues are only used for arts and crafts and for school related purposes and not for serious projects because they just can’t hold any weight.


In terms of the cleanup, what is nice about these glooms is because they are not so strong. They are very easy to clean up. First of all, both of these glues are water based, which is nice because it means that you don’t really need any solvents to get rid of them.

Now do keep in mind that neither be glues are waterproof or even water resistant. Before the glues dry, they can very easily be washed away with nothing more, but water and maybe a little soap if need be. Moreover, even once completely dry, both of these glues should be able to wash out of clothing if you have some good detergent and some really hot water.

When it comes down to it, if this glue dries on your skin or on a hard surface, you can more or less just peel it right off without causing any damage. The good part about having relatively weak glue is the fact that it is usually easy to clean up.

Health Warnings

Another great thing about both of these types of glue is that their completely safe for kids and the environment. Now, it’s not like these glues are made out of completely organic materials or anything like that, but they also don’t contain any toxic chemicals that will be poisonous to children or pets if ingested.

Remember, both of these glues are designed to be used for arts and crafts, and in schools, which means that they will often be around children and therefore need to be safe when it comes down to it. There are really no safety warnings to be concerned of with either of these products.

Differences Between

The real difference between these glues is the fact that Mod Podge dries clear, whereas Elmer’s glue does not. Due to this MoD pod has quite a few more applications, such as the ceiling of puzzles and other related applications when compared to Elmer’s Glue.


Does white glue dry clear?

It really depends on the specific glue as you can tell one of the products we reviewed today tries clear whereas the other does not.

Can you use Mod Podge Instead of Elmer’s Glue?

Yes, you can use Mod Podge in place of Elmer’s glue, although keep in mind that Elmer’s Glue dries white, so you cannot use it instead of Mod Podge.


The bottom line here is that both of these products are designed for arts and crafts, and really for nothing else. That said, Mod Podge is definitely the more versatile of the two, Especially due to the fact that it dries clear.

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